webcam images
Webcam images
During the years the webcam is on-line we've collected some images. Enjoy them...

autumn sky in Holland, nice view and fast moving clouds

Planter from my sister(the flowers on the right)

Someone watering the plants... or the webcam

The worl will never be the same after this!

Independence day of Mexico.. (actually it starts with "el grito on the 15th of September)

One of those Dutch foggy mornings, which I really love

Royal wedding....

Ele and Pucky drinking wine... yes we spoil them

Sinterklaas (not Santa Claus) arriving

The peluches took over our the couch

Snow in Holland, well snow is a big word... it was white and cold

The "inburgeringscursus" did pay off

10:30 pm and still light

Worldtime in the house. Dutch and Mexican time...

Tropical weather... and the problem is the humidity, too high

And some more snow

A little mexican snowman on the balcony

And an eastern brunch with champagne :-)

A sunset during summer. Outside it's still 31 degrees Celcius

And a little shower after which the temperature dropt 3 degrees Celcius

The mornings at the end of the summer.
Cold at night and condense on the bottom part of the windows in the morning


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