Mexico Photos
Here some different photos

The monarch butterflies spending the winter in Mexico
Milions of butterflies in the montains
A normal way of transport in Mexico, horses :-)
No, just kidding. They have also cars....
You see them everywhere, la bandera de mexico. The flag of Mexico but kingsize
Tree of life in front of a typical church Keep on smiling. Bright colours everywhere
Posadas... one of the traditions during christmas. Actual a little play with Josef and Maria looking for a place to sleep. A christmas stable, common in every house around christmas

And then the singing:
En nombre del cielo
os pido posada,
pues no puede andar
mi esposa amada.

but it sounds like
Ehen nombre del ciehehelo
ohos pido posahahada

And then hitting the piñata... I love to do it... not...you look like a fool hitting around with a stick in the air. Yes, that is me there with the stick :-)
New year, 12 grapes, tequila and a lot of fun. The grapes you put in your mounth, one with every stroke of the clock. El Angel, monument of independence
With friends on our way to Taxco and Cacahuamilpa The caves in Cacahuamilpa are impressive. Never saw this large stalactite and stalagmite formations
Amazing view in the caves of Cacahuamilpa And a formation in the shape of a bottle and it is hughe!
Little colourfull turtles, sold everywhere One of the hotels we stayed. This one is in Taxco, the "silver city"
The Volkwagen Beatle, you find still find them driving around The famous arche in Los Cabos
A whale... left the front and right the tail Los Cabos, a desertic area but with nice colours
The most important woman in Mexico,
the Virgen of Guadelupe
A waterfall in the parque close the de Basilica.
In the middle of the city that is....
One of our vacation destinations And another favorite of mine.. Tequila and Sangrita served in caballitos (little horse they call this type of glas)
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