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Here you find funny photos and images related to computers and IT in general. Last updated on: 08-Apr-2009
Currently hosting around 205 funny IT, computer and Internet related photos and images.

All images on this page were found on the internet of sent by visitors. If you see copyrighted images, let me know and I'll remove them.

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Computer4WomenSmall.jpg (9676 bytes)
A new computer for women from?
ComputerMiceSmall.jpg (10300 bytes)
Where do computer mice come
GatesPieSmall.jpg (18386 bytes)
This is something I always wanted to do
iNaxSmall.jpg (13293 bytes)
Think different
MicrosoftPhoneSmall.jpg (9141 bytes)
The new Microsoft Phone
NewHardwareDeviceSmall.jpg (8731 bytes)
A new and very usefull hardware device
PentiumIISmall.jpg (6347 bytes)
Discover the secret of the Pentium II
PerfectComputerSmall.jpg (16005 bytes)
The perfect computerroom
PressAnyKeySmall.jpg (6067 bytes)
Finally the solution for the any-key dillema
ThinkDifferentAppleSmall.jpg (9208 bytes)
Another Think Different... those apple boys.

And another apple
Windows2000KeyboardSmall.jpg (13014 bytes)
The new Windows 2000 keyboard

MS Mouse

as home built PC, lots of cooling

Finally, the Cafuter

MS Titanic 98

The ultimate solution

Windows NT;
NT = Neanderthaler Technology

World Domination 99

you will be assimilated

Windows 2000 with Millennium Bug

Random error

Confusing Error

Can't find Keyboard

Closing Windows95
Do you want to play another game?

S_Y2k problem

hidden setting in Windows

Airport screen

Smart toolbar

Blue screen
Some sent by Maria Lluïsa




Dotcom crisis


Three dream offices

He must be pissed off ;-)

He forgot something, but keeps looking
Thanks Maria Llúisa
Thanks Barry for these ones:

The key I always missed... Sh*t!

I told you, Doesn't work

And I always thought Bill Gates "saved my life"

(In Dutch).. Turn it off or throw it out of the window
This one came from Peer (Peer? Peer to Peer network :-))

special for the startrek fans
And some more I found

Delete Osama Bin Laden

New, Sony GayStation 2

Windaz 2000, for Aussies... many funny images included ;-)

Microsoft Word for blonds

MS Pampers

Copy crap (animated)

Installing cancer (animated)

PC with abacus interface

Digital walker (animated)

Error for something successful??

Flightsimulator setup...

I'll tell outside

Cat ate mouse?

MIB, Microsoft Is Back?

Missile Controller 2000

Remove hard drive to continue

Outside office

Windows CEMeNT

<Tnx Johan>

Windows 1900

Did you ever try to remove IE? (Animated)

Illegal operation on Arrival display

No keyboard, Press F2

How computers work

How PC's are made..

Ever tried to load Windows on a C-64? (Animated)

Microsoft Clouds Light... also bad for your health

Installing humour...(animated gif)

Nice LINUX case for your PC

Microsoft Antitrust law

Billie King of the World..


Windows XP advertisement 

Got you again

Windows MfE 
Flight Simulator 2002

System Resources, never enough ;-)
How to irritate your IT department (text)
Good use for your old computer monitor

The email account of Bush

As seen in Barcelona...

Why do they use Microsoft at NASA?

New job for Iraque minister, Microsoft has no bugs :-)))))) ROFL
Followin entries were sent in by Christian from Italy

Linux inside
New mouse, and I think men will like it ;-)

Silicon valley I would call it, very nice mousepads

Best advertisement ever... a dirty mind is a joy forever

Keyboard or greenhouse? Nice colleages...
Thanks a lot Christian
And we continue with some more

Nothing changed from stone age to computer age

Finally a real computer mouse

Yes, this is a dilemma

Help not responding.. must be microsoft

Home computers in 2004 as they saw it in 1954

Network testing cable... just try it, your IT department will love it

This is the way I like to play Flight Simulator

Hit keyboard to continue (thanks Linda)
And some funny images sent by Daniel Ball
And Jonathan Brady sent me these ones....

Another airport running Windows with all problems that come with it.
Let's hope Windows never is going to be a real time operating system for planes ;-)

you can't tell what the code reads Yahoo is overdoing it a bit :-)

Removing SP2 of Windows XP...

The funny paperclip again, userfriendly ?

Flight Simulator... but what is that on the runway?

and another dilemma...winzip zipped
This one flown in by Lee Collier

Boeing 777 -
shame there are no
CTRL + ALT + DEL buttons...
Adrian Camano helped by sending this Unix contribution
Unix for Babies Unix for Babies Unix will glue everything
And some more added

Java programmers wanted getStringFromObj()

A swiss army mouse

If terrorists use windows on their C4
.::Thanks Wilson Lima ::.

Windows Vista
Vista stands for....

Real Window XP

Very nice desktop background

(this one is coloured by me,
about 7 years ago)

Bush help screen :-)

Downloading the internet

Serious article about the "any key" on the Compaq FAQ site

ASCII Tux from Linux

Finally the proof, XP Boots on Mac

We suck more :-)

Visual Studio SE
Braille Edition

Think Linux

For SQL fans:
SELECT * FROM users WHERE clue > 0
0 rows returned

Another great wallpaper trick

Microsoft Ransom

Microsoft Notepad XP

Microsoft Clippy

Monopoly and Microsoft, there is something funny about it :-)

Make your own iPod

Second user for your keyboard

The iToilet, or iPiss as I heard someone naming it

Google, internet cafe in Caïro

inhell, Pentagram Pro Processor

iCebox, another Apple product

And another one from Apple, the iCar

I am root if you see me laughing you better have a backup!

How Google would have looked in 1960

A giant capacity on the iPod

an ethernet doctor?

How emoticons are made...

Funny t-shirt for IT staff

Destroy the computer,
they are invented bu gay....

A real cordless mouse

Sign saying: "Cisco, no service"

A baby laptop

128 GB DDR RAM ???

Great animation. Tennis on 3 PC's

Siemens working together
with Microsoft? OLE DB error
on this phone...

And a special watch for
Microsoft staff

A religion free DVD player?
Okay,not a computer but fun..

Looking for computer engineers.
Just look at the phone number :-)

Gas from Microsoft?

Bill Gates, wasn't he cute?
Hé, what is that on the background?
Isn't it an Apple computer?

User not found, found lamer

Philips, Let's make things better
And they use Microsoft... Duhh

Blue Screen Of Death, but as a screensaver. Download it here

Cancel cancelled

X-box blue screen of death

Windows XP with firewall

Something went very wrong

MS-DOS license plate

Micro&Soft and Linux together

Telephone Error

And a BSOD on a billboard

A computer house

Applesoft BASIC
(TM) Microsoft ??

Bindows from Michaelsoft

Microsoft warning for a Microsoft product

Microsoft Mouse

And another Microsoft watch

Internet Explorer. the real
copyright message

Windows XP Broken Edition

A real Microsoft House

A real funny mirror site of Google

Googlefight.com very funny and handy site

Dreamweaver error, or
is it not an error?

AutoCAD feeling Blue?

And another big error on a billboard

Airport display in error

Error message in airport display

Funny error in a Microsoft Survey.. Purchase children...

McAfee not recognizing McAfee

Error on a valid SQL statement

Error on a weather simulation

Some art in MS Excel

Disk ran out of the room?

Funny Gmail error, keep your fingers crossed

Some computer help for Bush

Try the Hi-Mac

A dream work place

This one should check
his driver more often.

A tape-floppy of a floppy-tape.
I am not sure...

Lot of space needed
to install Internet Explorer

MS Please Wait 2000

Error message in the Metro
of Madrid

Just without words...
just funny

Funny animated gif with pacman
Thanks CrazyComputerMan for these additions :-)
(the C64 animation was already on this page)  
And some more additions placed on february 6th 2007

Cardboard office

Move windows to open souce

Microwave computer

MS Wheels
Just imagine they would make bike....

PS X-Ray
And the story continues

Stick with WIndows XP
Windows Vista Incapable

Computerstore in Russia

Another house with a windows window
If you have funny IT related photos that are not on this page yet, them to me

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