Unique Baby Photos
Unique fotos

Some time ago I discovered these unique pictures.... So I guess this is the prove that I have been a baby.

On a cold day in november it all started at 6 in the morning. Outside the wind was blowing and inside all the girls were looking at a coqueto pollito. My exact weight I do not now, I can only remember that it was cold and they let me lay naked on the scale. And I was so hungry...

One year old and my first snow. Yupi, that was fun. The only problem were the clothes. They were so hot... and look at my hands... unable to make snowballs with those things on my hands.
When I was two years old I had a lot of fun with my grandfather and my mothers wallet. The older man on the right is my grandfather. The strange thing of this picture is that I still can remember the smell of the leather wallet.
1965 with my grandfather watering the garden

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