Then and now
Amersfoort Then (around 1900) and now (around 2006)
The city changes all the time

Everybody knows that the look of a city changes during the years. On this page I have photos of Amersfoort from around 1900 and from around 2006. So have a look what changes during a century. The old images are all coming from the www.archiefeemland.nl

I am at this moment working on the pictures and hope to be ready within a couple of months

A building on "de Hof" left an image of the building taken in 1865 saying "DROGERYEN en VERFWAREN", which means as much as "Drugstore and Paints". Nowadays there is a hotel in the building called "Logement de Gaaper"

Two old buildings on " 't Havik". Left in 1905 and right in 2005. As you can see, it looks now much better then a century ago

The main shopping street in the centre, "De Langestraat" (The Longstreet). Left in 1901 and right in 2006.

View into the "muurhuizen", the house with tower is called "Prattenburg"
"Korte Gracht" (short canal) left the postoffice in 1910 on the right the same place in 2007 but with a shopping centre "Drakennest".
Corner of "Arnhemsestraat" towards "Varkensmarkt" left in 1890 and right in 2007
Villa "Rusthof" at the outer canal, left in 1860 and right in 2007
View to Monnikendam left in 1860 and right in 2007
View to the "Langestraat" from "Krankenledenstrtaar".Left in 1890 and right in 2007/
Krankeledenstraat again, now looking towards the tower. Left photo is from around 1900 and the right is 2007
    View toward Havik. The house right to the bridge was around 1910 a beerhouse. Right the same house in 2007 and in more original state.
    A view towards "Lieve Vrouwestraat" from "Zwanenhalssteeg". The building is know as "Pakhuis De Klok" (Storage house The Clock). Left in 1905 and right in 2007.
    Onder de linden
    The pub "onder de linden" at Groenmarkt. Left in 1905 and right in 2007

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