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OS and browers

This website was made to support most common browsers. Although I can not garantuee that it will always look the same.
Most common browsers/OS's:

Microsoft Windows 98 or higher (well who is now a days still using Windows 98?) with the following browsers:
Internet explorer 5.5 or higher (I use 7 and it is still looking good)
Netscape 6 or higher
Mozilla 1 and higher

Mac OS9 and OS X with:
Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher
Netscape 6 or higher
Safari 1 and higher

Older browsers may give lay-out problems.

The minimum resolution for this website is 800x600. Optimised it is for 1024x768.
© 2006/2007 Bert Muijen. All images used on this website, except for the funny images, can only be used after I agreed. Just send me an email and we can work it out. Money is not the question, I just want to know where images are used for. So feel free to use the photos after you told me.

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