The section of Amersfoort is expanded with the old-new photos and photos and descriptions of the boulder parc (petrographic parc)
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New page design
  After more then 6 years it became time to change the design of the website a bit and rearrange the different topics. Hope you like the new design (july 10th 2006)
New domain name
  Finally our own domain name. mexned.nl which is a combination of Mexico and Nederland (Netherlands).
Lety & Bert's website

Many years ago I started with a webcam in my office. After becoming part of a British company I had to shut down the webcam and I placed the webcam in my house.

Starting with only the webcam the site was simple and there was not too much to find. I expanded the site with SETI@home information and a few funny images related to IT.

In 1998 I added some historical information about my home town Amersfoort.

Besides that, a domain name for our website that reflects the content was a nice idea. The domain name mexned.nl shows the bond between Mexico and The Netherlands (de Nederlanden in Dutch, that is why mexned and not mexnet)

We hope you like the website and share your thoughts about it with us.

The colours (or colors for my American friends)
Yes, I admit that the colours are a bit strange. Well when you're not coming from México at least.
The following basic colours are used in the website. Actual the colours are "borrowed" from Mexico. You can call them typical mexican colours for house decoration.

Bert & Lety
For the people who don't know us; He is from The Netherlands and she is from Mexico. Married in Mexico (Metepec) and living in The Netherlands (Amersfoort) and sometimes in Mexico (Mexico City).
What does she like about The Netherlands? HIM! and a million other things
What does he like about Mexico? HER! and a million things more
What does she hate about The Netherlands? The not adapted foreigners
What does he hate about Mexico? December -5 degrees without heating
San Judas Tadeo
San Judas Tadeo, intercesor en toda problema dificil, ayúdame a encontrar un trabajo en el que me realice como humano, y que mi familia tenga lo suficiente en todos los aspectos de la vida. Que lo conserve a pesar de las circunstancias y personas adversas. Que en él progrese, mejore siempre mi calidad, goce de salud y fuerza. Que día a díatrate de ser útil a cuantos me rodean. Asocio tu intercesión a la Sagrada Familia de la cual eres pariente y prometo difundir tu devoción como expresión de mi gratitud a tus favores. Amén

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